What to do with all my Spare Time?

I have been having an attack of empty nest syndrome..

What to do with all my Spare Time?

I have been having an attack of empty nest syndrome now that the kids are in school at least part of every day. It has been a serious adjustment that I had not prepared myself for. Every mom goes through it sooner or later. Okay, it is only a few hours, but I miss them anyway as they take up my time. It just feels strange not to have them underfoot virtually all of the time. I am used to squeezing in personal chores and really budgeting my time. I used to complain about not having the opportunity to pamper myself. No more. I have ample room in my schedule to do my shopping, errands, visit friends and family, and maybe even catch a movie. This doesn’t always fill every waking hour, so now what to do with all my spare time?

Some people just don’t know how to relax and do nothing. How about reading a book or watching an old favorite movie on TV. Then there is text messaging on the phone and reading emails. I wish I had more Facebook friends so I had more posts to enjoy and respond to. I could start taking photos and posting them on Instagram. Somehow all these ideas didn’t satisfy me that I would have a productive day when the kids were to school. I wanted something more fulfilling so I could report what I had done with pride to the family at dinner. I was forgetting something important: exercise. I have always been into good nutrition so why not add its partner—fitness. I am not one to walk the dog in the park or go jogging. It is also expensive to join a gym.

Then I had a great idea. We have a spare room that used to house my sewing machine and all my bolts of extra fabric. I could turn it into a workout space. It would be an easy conversion. I would just have to invest in some home gym equipment and from what I see on TV, there is plenty of it. I read some home gym reviews and found the perfect one. You can buy sets that come with a bicycle, a treadmill, an assortment of weights, balls and straps. There are those one piece contraptions that you adjust for different muscle areas and so you have everything in one place and you can tone what you like. They take up less room that having multiple components.

I think I need to try out a few pieces of equipment at a local supplier and see what suits me best. I would first set for myself a routine or daily program and then match the equipment to my workout. I know I could use my gym room a couple of hours a day and would no longer have to ask: what can I do in my spare time? I am sure my husband will join me and it will get plenty of weekend use.