Great Unisex Nursery Themes

Whether you are looking to invest in quality items for..

Great Unisex Nursery Themes

Whether you are looking to invest in quality items for a nursery that will survive more than one child, or you simply don’t want to know if you’re having a girl or boy, a unisex theme is easy to pull together.

Your best choice for furniture is to stick with something classic. If Baby’s room does not get a lot of natural light, go with white or natural wood stain on the furniture. It will brighten the whole room. Mission style furniture will give the room a classic, clean look. I also love the look of white wrought-iron for a boy or girl’s crib. If lighting is not a problem, or you would prefer to go dark, a rich chocolate or a black will go well with any color palates. Sleigh bed style cribs look especially gorgeous in deeper, warmer tones.

When you go simple and clean with the furniture in the room, you can feel free to explore a more expansive color palate with your textiles. Here are a few great ideas that work equally well for boys or girls:

  • Animals and animal prints. Children are naturally very curious about all kinds of animals. A nursery with zoo or farm animals using pastel colors like yellow or green as a base tone will be adorable. Stuffed animals without beaded eyes or other choking hazards serve not just as toys but décor. Cats and kittens, dogs and puppies can also be gender neutral when done correctly.
  • Underwater Theme fish come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find a pattern that will work well for a boy or a girl. Pale blues along with pastel green and yellow complement each other and work nicely for either sex.
  • Storybook characters. Winnie the Pooh is a tried and true style that most children love, whether you go with the classic illustrations or the more recognizable cartoon version. There are several other classic stories that you can pull from, and framed artwork from the book you choose will be a wonderfully personal touch. There are several textile options as well as wall decals to liven up the nursery space in whatever direction you choose to take it. Natural colored woods accent the design, as would a bookshelf designed to look like a tree.
  • Black and White. This is not a theme that you see often; however, the sharp contrast between black and white is easily visible to babies from an incredibly young age. That means they may actually find this theme more appealing than others. You can go with any number of patterns and textures for this theme, and it will be easy to find things like furniture and accent pieces like frames or shelves that match!

These are just a few of my ideas for a unisex nursery. Of course, there’s nothing saying you can’t use a garden or sports theme for a boy or a girl; you want a room that will transition nicely into early toddlerhood (and possibly beyond), so have fun with it. Make sure you decide on something you won’t mind using again for another child. But most of all, make sure it is something you enjoy looking at, too. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in there!