Great Fair Day!

Family outings are special. We try to plan a few..

Great Fair Day!

Family outings are special. We try to plan a few each month and at least one major one a quarter. It brings everyone together which is important as we are all usually off doing something personal like sports practice or assorted errands. Going to the State Fair counts high on the list for the kids. They adore it. The animals, the exhibits, the people watching, the homemade pies, and just the happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

Fairs have gotten more elaborate since I was a kid and they were simple country events. Now there are rides and side shows and horseback riding. It is always a great day except for one problem. The mosquitos that come out in droves due to the hot weather. I put bracelets dipped in citronella on everyone because it is safe as a natural mosquito repellent. I don’t like to douse them with toxic mists that come in spray cans. I just imagine them inhaling that stuff. The mosquitos react to the citronella and keep their distance. No one balks at having to wear the bracelets as they remember being bitten last year. Now I have taken precautions to protect the family. It seems that mosquitos are found near standing water and standing water if often near animals in pens. Such is the nature of a state fair.

This year I heard not one gripe out of anyone. They thoroughly enjoyed everything and appreciated the mosquito-free atmosphere. I am not sure where I found out about this solution, but it certainly works. I believe I read about it in a book on home remedies. These old books are great for ideas for almost anything: what to put on a burn, how to stop itching, what kind of tea to drink when you have the flu, how to treat poison ivy, how to get rid of fleas on your dog, how to treat spider bites, and more. So the natural mosquito repellent had a very good source. The writer guaranteed results. Everything had been personally tested. I have some of my own secret preparations that I should send to the author. Or I could start my own collection. I am particularly concerned about toxic chemicals no matter how good they are at killing mosquitos.

I have seen other “green” products at the health food store, but we got such good results from the bracelets, that I haven’t been tempted to buy any of them. I do go for the natural flea powder and bathroom cleaning solution. One day everything in my house will be environmentally friendly and safe for human and animal consumption. You can’t be too careful, no matter who the manufacturer is. What I have yet to see is a natural weed killer. This would be handy indeed as I have heard horror stories. It is time we all got wise to the destructive power of chemicals and stop supporting the harmful toxic products. For us, it all started with the mosquito repellent. Now we have a long way to go.