As Always, I Did it Myself

One of my biggest dreams, before I had my child,..

As Always, I Did it Myself

One of my biggest dreams, before I had my child, was to become a clothing designer. But when I had my child, it was like the whole world turned upside down. My creativity became much more focused on making the life of my family more comfortable and enjoyable. I am proud to say that ever since then I have become a DIY type of person. It all started with the decoration of my daughter’s room. Then I just continued sewing clothes, bags, covers, and everything else I needed to make her life more pleasant.

My child is growing up and her needs have evolved. It’s funny how girls know what they want to wear even at an early age. They know what kind of pattern they want, they choose their colors and are very picky about the materials. And it’s not only clothes. Bed and pillow covers, decorations on the walls, drapes, bags, bracelets. All of these need to be well made and crafted with love. I became really good with the craft of sewing mainly by doing these things by myself, but also from reading various fashion magazines, and of course, watching tutorials on YouTube, on channels like the 5-minute Crafts Family.  

Room decoration, on the other hand, is a completely different challenge, and I’ve started doing this for other people’s children as well. When you decorate a room, you always need to have the needs and preferences of the person you’re decorating it for in mind.

When I take over the challenge of room decoration, for example, the first thing I think about is whether I am decorating for a girl or a boy. Two different concepts with different motives and ideas. If it’s a boy’s room, I always tend to put some sports motifs and cars. Boys seem to love that. But I don’t just decide on the theme without asking. After all, many boys prefer movies or cartoon themed rooms as well, so it always depends on the person. If I do it for girls, then my philosophy changes a bit. Whether it’s for a boy or a girl, I always put the same amount of work in order to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment in which they can grow carelessly.

Safety is one of my biggest concerns. I’m aware of any electric outlets, slippery surfaces, and other potential hazards. For instance, in the last room I decorated, I had to think about the DIY air purifier the kid’s father had made using a ventilator – as it didn’t look childproof, my decorations had to be placed a bit of a distance away from it. Children get overly excited when there’s a new shiny thing in their room, so just in case.