Cool Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower gifts can be odd. Usually, parents-to-be have a..

Cool Shower Gift Ideas


Baby shower gifts can be odd. Usually, parents-to-be have a registry and it’s pretty easy and convenient to get them something they want. But what if you dragged your feet and now the registry has been completed?Or maybe you want a little something to add to make it a little more personal? Or what if they didn’t register at all? Don’t worry, readers, I won’t let you down. Here are some fun ideas to augment or act as a shower gift. People will be impressed with your thoughtfulness and creativity, and nobody has to know you read it here first!

I always advocate purchasing something small for the parent-to-be if it was something that they may not have thought of but you couldn’t live without. With all my research, I didn’t see anything about stroller clips, but someone gave me a pair anyway. Now I return the favor for any of my friends having babies. They are amazing! You just don’t know until you know, right? Or maybe your child had an object that always soothed them. You can always get something similar and let them know how great it worked for you. Consider it a welcome-to-the-club gift.

Parents tendto overlook the saving grace that is gift subscriptions. For example, a three-month gift subscription to a video service. They’re going to be up at all hours of the night, might as well catch up on some favorite shows while doing it, right? Because let me tell you, there isn’t a whole lot of interesting tv at 3 in the morning. A gift card to a grocery-delivery service or a meal delivery service would also be a giant lifesaver. You can’t grasp how hard it is to get out the door with a newborn until you actually have one. Meals or grocery delivery will allow new parents to focus on nourishing the baby and make nourishing themselves on something other than takeout. If you don’t think they’ll mind, a maid service can also be a big help. Some people are weird about having others touch their stuff, or they might think you’re implying that their house is dirty. But if you know they will appreciate it, I say go ahead. For a cheaper option, you can give them a gift card to a photo service. This way, they can order prints of Baby or make a photobook. They can even use the gift card toward baby announcements or thank you notes if they choose.

One last thing that is always fun to give is a keepsake creator. I had a friend whose husband was a huge baseball fan. I got her a baseball, one of those clear box display cases, and a washable ink pad. She was able to ink baby’s hand then place his palm on the ball for a special handprint keepsake. There are paving stones for handprints or footprints at craft or garden stores. I’ve also gotten friends who were gardeners little color-your-own flowerpots (the kind with the coloring page sleeves that you slide in and out) and made my own blank template for it. This way, they can do a handprint or footprint on it and have a keepsake flowerpot. I usually include a package of seeds of the flower from the baby’s birth month for a little extra something.

What about you? Did you get anything at your shower that you didn’t ask for but couldn’t live without? What was a personal gift that you received that you loved?