Boy Nursery Ideas Without a Single Football

When you’re going to decorate a room for a baby..

Boy Nursery Ideas Without a Single Football


When you’re going to decorate a room for a baby girl (or even a young girl), the options seem limitless. They’ll make practically anything feminine—bugs (“Oh, look at the adorable ladybug on that pink flower curtain!); even owls (who knew they were really pink out in the wild?). But if you’re having a baby boy, like I did, you may spend weeks trying to find something that you don’t hate.

How is that fair?

I don’t know, either. But since I had to wrack my brain for weeks to come up with something I didn’t hate, I thought I would share some of that hard work with you, my lovely readers, in case you were in the same boat as I was. Here are some cute nursery themes:

  • Nautical: While you might be thinking this is a common choice, the designs available can be super boring. You can go nearly anywhere with this theme. Noah’s Ark, old fashioned sailing ships, lighthouses, oceans or fish, or even pirates. For example, instead of using a valence on your nursery windows, hang semaphore flags. If your child’s name is short enough, or your window long enough, you can spell your child’s name with the flags. It is pretty easy to find what letter each flag represents online. If you go with the Noah’s Ark theme, you can easily incorporate stuffed animals into the décor, especially if you get one of those corner hammocks (you’ll thank me for that later when you are drowning in toys); you can dye the fabric brown and make it look like the ark!For the pirate theme, you can use felt and some batting to makeany toy box you already have look like a treasure chest. If you are having trouble finding accessories, pull colors out of the bedding set—typically there is navy blue in there somewhere, and probably white—and buy solid textiles in those colors. It might be hard to find similar sailing ships on curtains, but it isn’t so hard to find the off white of the sails in a solid color for your drapes.
  • Outer Space: The planets come in a variety of colors and shapes, so you have plenty to work with there. Glow in the dark star stickers make a magical touch, and you can even trick out a ceiling fan to look like a satellite by painting the blades. If you are hesitant to go so dark with the colors, any shade of blue will tie everything together nicely. They have super cool star projectors that will make an excellent night light. You can go with a nice shade of grey on the walls, too, and paint murals that look like the portholes of a space ship. Model rockets can make excellent bookends, just like a solar system model will make an easy (and educational) mobile. Just make sure to keep it far enough out of baby’s reach!
  • Planes: There are plenty of car themed bedding out there, so why not think higher and go with planes? You can paint the walls blue and add cloud detailing or white curtains. Hang a toy plane or two (out of reach, of course) with fishing line instead of purchasing a mobile. I’ve seen neat decals available where it looks like Baby’s name is written by a skywriting plane. A fun clock with hands that look like propellers would be a fun accent. I especially like a green carpet or rug in the room to simulate the ground. They also make rugs that double as toy car mats, and those would also look great.

Don’t let the lack of choices get you down. You just have to think out of the box, and I’m sure you can find something you really love. Good luck! Feel free to ask me any questions.