Refrain from buying only what you need

1. Make a list that distinguishes between wants and needs

The first thing to do is to distinguish which items you need and which items you want. You can make it a list to make it easier for you to read and remember.

When you see the list, you will think twice when you want to buy the desired item, because there are already needs that must be met first.

2. Don’t buy things right away

When you have a desire for a certain item, don’t buy it right away. Usually this often happens when you are looking at goods in online shopping stores.

Try to hold yourself for 3-5 days while thinking carefully. Will the item really be useful to you, and think of other more useful items to buy using the money you have.

3. It’s better to shop alone

Why is it better to shop alone? Because when you shop with several friends at once it will further increase your shopping interest. Especially if they support your decision to buy things that are not important.

If you really need other people’s opinions to choose something, invite someone who can hold you back so you can spend money according to the original plan, aka only according to your needs.

4. Schedule shopping time

Make a special time for you to shop for the needs that are really needed. Outside of those days when you want to go out, try to bring only what is needed. This is done so as not to make you feel ‘safe’ when you want to shop again, because you only bring the right money.

5. Shop with cash

Get in the habit of always shopping with cash. then you will only shop with the amount of money you hold. Shopping with cash can also reduce the impulsive use of credit or debit cards.